The Sonoran Sea Resort In Mexico (Fathers Day Weekend)

This Fathers Day Weekend we celebrated in one of our favorite places; Puerto Penasco, aka “Rocky Point, Mexico!” Our family absolutely loves it here! For obvious reasons! The food, the locals, the vendors, it’s a vibe for sure. And the water is just perfect! It’s always difficult to leave too.

We usually stay at the RV park (which we love) especially when we get lucky with beach front views. However this time around my husbands god sister suggested we join her and some of her friends at their favorite place to stay; The Sonoran Sea Resort. She made the reservation, we chipped in our part, and check it out! Here’s a few pictures from our trip. A memorable one for sure.

When I asked the girls what their favorite part of the whole trip was, they all replied with “the pool!” Oh wait, the littlest one said first, “the beach.” Lol

As much as I enjoyed the pool, my husband and I love both just sitting in our low beach chairs, admiring the ocean views under our little blue umbrella, and eating goodies from the vendors. My Husband gets this mango drink, and I really enjoy sharing Pina coladas with the girls.

Oh! And eating the best burritos ever! You can usually always find someone in the morning selling them. You also gotta try the empanadas.

I have so much respect for the locals/vendors. They work incredibly hard, sometimes there’s even kids selling stuff. They are the heart and soul and are really what make every trip memorable. Their kindness and gratitude is truly something special.

Thank you Rocky Point!

The view pulling up to the resort
Balcony View on the 9th floor. Look at that water!
The pool on the right is more of a family pool with a small water slide. The pool on the left had a swim up bar. Played such great music, everyone was singing along!
The best.
The early bird gets the worm.
The little beauties got their hair braided.
A little cloudy this day but still so much fun.
Massages on the beach.
Pina Coladas. So yummy! Virgin of course!
I even got my hair done. Butt I don’t think I’ll do it again! It kinda hurts lol!
When the braids came out 😍♥️ loves it!
Infinity pool.

Overall, would definitely stay here again and recommend! 🙂

RV Checklist For The Sand Dunes – Rzr Riding With Kids

My husband and I have always had a love for camping. Before we had our RV it was tents for us.

However with having kids now I’d say the RV lifestyle is where it’s at! It saves us money on trips, it more convenient for spontaneous trips, and it’s OURS. A home away from home. Our kids love it and we’ve already made so many memories in it.

One place we enjoy going is the Sand Dunes in Yuma.

Every time we go to the dunes we make a list and somehow we still forget stuff. Ugh, so annoying right! I’m sure you’ve been through too.

So this time we really sat down and made sure to include everything on this RV Checklist for the Sand Dunes.

I’m sure I still forgot something, but luckily for me I can just click edit and add what I forgot.

Going forward all I have to do is print this list and we will be good to go for future adventures.

Now as for you reader, You can either print from the blog or copy and paste and edit to your own needs. Feel free to take away or add to this list!

I hope you find this useful for your trips and can alleviate a little bit of stress when getting ready for your next adventure!

RV Checklist For The Sand Dunes – Rzr Riding With Kids


________ First Aid

________ ibuprofen

________ Medicine (for the kids, just in case)

________ Hand Sanitizer

________ Bug Spray

________ Sunblock

________ Rash Ointment

________ Hydroprooxide

________ Mesquito candle

________ Clorox Wipes/Lysol

________ Allergy medicine


________ Toilet paper

________ Wipes

________ Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash

________ Loofah

________ Body Lotion

________ Make up

________ Face wash

________ Deodorant

________ Chapstick

________ Toothbrushes/toothpaste

________ Comb/Brush

________ Hair ties/hair detangler

________ Eyeglasses/contact solution

________ Nail clippers/tweezers

________ razor/shaving cream

________ Cottonballs/q-tips

________ Floss

________ Retainer


________ Hoodies (depending on the weather)

________ Pants/T-Shirts

________ Extra Socks/underwear

________ Baseball Caps

________ Gloves (for rzr rides or cold weather)

________ Helmets (for rzr rides)

________ Scarfs/Bandanas

________ Eye Masks


________ Bed Sheets

________ Comforters

________ Extra Blankets

________ Pillows

________ Sleeping Bags

________ Pillows

________ Towels

________ Hand Towels

________ tissue


________ Coffee Mugs

________ Coffee Maker (don’t forget cream and sugar)

________ Paper plates/bowls/cups

________ Plasticware

________ Paper Towels

________ Napkins

________ Cooking Utensils

________ Foil

________ Frying Pan

________ Sandwich Bags

________ Trash bags

________ Grocery Bags

________ Toaster

________ Cutting Board

________ 1 or 2 cooking pots

________ Knifes

________ Dish Soap

________ Sponges

________ Straws

________ cooking spray


________ TV

________ PlayStation (remotes and chargers)

________ Movies

________ Tablets (and chargers)

________ camera

________ Phone Chargers

________ Aux Cord

________ Reading light

________ Boombox


________ Books/Magazines

________ Notebook/pens

________ Wallets/Purses

________ ID’s

________ Phones

________ Reservation Pass

________ Proof Of Insurance

________ pocketknife

Camping Necessities:

________ Grill

________ Table

________ Camping chairs

________ Water

________ Lighter

________ Gas

________ Battery Powered Lantern

________ Shovel

________ Tool Box

________ Flashlights

________ Drink Holders


________ Pull ups/Diapers

________ Extra Baby Wipes

________ Shoes (at least 2 pairs for each kid)

________ Socks

________ Books/coloring books/toys

________ Diaper Rash Ointment

________ Kids Potty Seat

________ Wagon

________ Plastic plates and silverware

________ Miralax (my kid needs this)

________ Blankets

________ Hats/mittens

________ Car Seats

________ Water Bottles

________ Sippy cups/milk bottles


________ fireworks

________ lanterns

________ magic flames (makes campfires colorful)

________ extra rzr belt


________ prepped meals

________ seasonings

________ drinks/water

________ milk/juice for kids

________ Ice

Always Be Safe Friends & Have Fun!!!