Mexican Street Corn Side Dish Or Chip Dip

What You Need For The Corn:

4 cups of frozen corn

1-2 tablespoon of olive oil

1 bell pepper any color you like, probably not yellow though

1 bunch of fresh cilantro chopped finely with a few leaves left out for garnish

1 jalapeño or Serrano pepper finely chopped

1/2 red or white onion chopped

2/3 cup of Mexican cheese (look for cotija or queso fresco) crumbled up

What You Need For The Dressing

3 tablespoons of sour cream

2 tablespoons of miracle whip (I prefer miracle whip over Mayo. It just has a different flavor to me)

2-3 limes for squeezing

1/2 teaspoon of cumin

1/2 teaspoon of smoked paprika

1/4 teaspoon of salt

1/4 teaspoon of chili powder


1. Start by heating the olive oil on medium high in a skillet. Add the corn and cook until lightly charred. 7 to 10 minutes, once charred add to a large bowl.

2. Add the chopped bell pepper, jalapeño or Serrano pepper, cilantro, and onion to the large bowl with the charred corn.

3. In a small bowl add the ingredients for the dressing and mix well.

4. Add the dressing to the large bowl with the corn and mix well. Add 1/2 of the crumbled mexican cheese. Taste, and add additional lime or salt if needed.

5. Garnish with the remaining cheese and cilantro and serve. Or cover and place in the fridge for up to 8 hours.


So Many Fruits, But I Can Only Pick 5

List your top 5 favorite fruits.

Hmmm…. what are my favorite fruits.

I love strawberries. They are fresh and delightful. Can make any dessert delicate and beautiful.

Mango. Yum. Especially a mango that has been shaped into a rose, jabbed with a wooden stick, and enjoyed on a sandy beach in Mexico.

Bananas. But only because I love cream cheese banana bread topped with brown sugar. Taste so good with my coffee.

You know what else I love, gold Kiwis. If you’ve never tried these you have to. My stepmom introduced them to me. I love the green ones as well, they have more of a tart flavor while the gold ones are sweet.

Cherries. A perfect summer snack.

Now these are the fruits that I enjoy eating. When it comes to candles and lotions and creams I actually prefer different fruity scent/flavors like coconut or passionfruit guava.

I love fruit.

Born To Love

What is your career plan?

Well, currently I am a stay at home mom. Which by the way is more work than one may think or know. If you know a stay at home mom or dad ask them, they’ll tell you.

I do envision myself going back to “work” one day. My priority for the moment is being as present as possible for my children.

But what I would like to do is teach yoga. More than just teach yoga, I want to teach women and young women how to love themselves. I want to help others heal and develop a stronger sense of spirituality.

As a women and as once a young women, I know how hard we are on ourselves. Insecurities can get the best of us. I want to reveal the magic that is in us all. I want the women who I teach to recognize how beautiful they are.

I want liberate and direct them to the guidance that is within themselves.

I would also love to have my own personal growth books out there one day. Reading and writing is incredibly powerful and life changing.

I want to change others in such a positive, impactful way the way others have unknowingly changed me with their words and messages.

Baby steps, I believe that.

The Answer You Seek Is Within

Have you ever spent time looking for your sunglasses or glasses all over your home only to discover that they have been on your head this whole time?! Or maybe you searched everywhere for your phone only to realize it’s been snug in your back pocket?

Something I have learned is that whatever you are searching for to fill a specific void is not out there. The answer is within. You may think a specific thing is going to fulfill you…. And then when you actually do get it you’re going to still have that void. And then you’re going to be left very confused and concerned. You’re going to think, I really thought this was going to fulfill me and answer all my questions. Why do I still feel this emptiness? This void? This feeling?

The answer is right where you are. And the way you discover your answer is by spending time with yourself. Getting to know yourself. Learning to love yourself.

The way we spend time getting to know others we should be spending time getting to know who we are. Why do we act a specific way? Why do we respond the way that we do? Why are we afraid of this and that? Ask why about yourself, and keeping asking it. Discover what you enjoyed doing as a kid, discover what brought peace to you and bring it back.

Saying, “this is just the way I am” is not your full truth. You have shape and definition. Why would you not want to discover the tools and colors that were used to create who you are as an individual. Give yourself time to discover yourself. Not all your discoveries will be pleasant. Some will be painful. Vulnerability forms deeper connections with others. Being vulnerable with yourself does the same.

Nobody is this entire world knows you the way that you know yourself. Nobody knows what you have seen or experienced. You’re worth getting to know, and you’re worth your love. See yourself for the miracle that you truly are.

Easy Oven Roasted Tomato And Garlic Bisque

What You Need:

20 oz of cherry tomatoes

1/2-3/4 of a large yellow or white onion cut in chunks

3/4 cup of chicken broth

3/4 to 1 cup of heavy cream

1-2 handfuls of fresh basil

1 whole head of garlic cut in half

6-7 tablespoons of olive oil roughly (don’t be shy with the olive oil)

Salt and pepper for taste

A few pinches of sugar


1. In a 9×13 glass dish place your tomatoes, fresh basil, onion, and garlic heads face down. Drizzle a generous amount of olive oil back and forth a few times. Dash a few times with salt and pepper.

2. Bake at 400 for 40 to 45 mins. Or until tomatoes are soft.

3. Squeeze out your garlic in a medium sized bowl and add the rest of the contents. Add your chicken broth and blend with a hand mixer.

4. Once completely blended add to medium sized pot. Bring to a simmer and add 3/4 to 1 cup of heavy cream. Season with salt and pepper and add a few pinches of sugar. Allow to simmer for 15 mins.

5. Garnish with fresh chopped basil and a drizzle of heavy cream. Serve with a yummy, crispy, gooey, grilled cheese sandwich. Enjoy!

Camping Is Where I Want To Be

Have you ever been camping?

This is a funny question to me. I can’t help but smirk. A flood of camping memories come to mind.

Have you ever been camping is like asking me do you drink water? What kind of question is this!

Camping has always been apart of my life. Since I was a kid! Camping with family in Alaska, girls camp in cabins, and does sleeping in your backyard count? Sure it does, why not!

But the love for camping especially grew when my husband and I began dating and through our early twenties. Not everyone has the camping streak in them but with us, we loved it. And we still do.

Him and I would camp in tents and sometimes in his Dads little beat up Van. One of our favorite places to camp is at a place called ‘Eagle Creek’ in Arizona. It’s like a hole in the wall, only a few know of this hidden oasis. Lush trees, beautiful rivers. No RVS, no bathrooms, no service, it’s strait camping over there. Incredibly peaceful and serene and just so much fun every time. My husband has been camping there since he was a kid and I feel so incredibly special that he shared this special place with me and now we share it with our children.

However we have amped our camping lifestyle since then. I guess we are kinda like “glampers” now. We have an RV that we love and it’s much easier to camp RV style when you have kids. We enjoy the luxury and comfort that comes with this home on wheels. It really has become a second home.

With the camper we camp at the lake, the beaches in Mexico, the sand dunes, and sometimes just in the Mountains behind our home.

So yes, I’ve been camping. And I love it.

RV Camping Mexico. Beach Front.
RV Camping At The Dunes
Eagle Creek
Lol younger days when we slept in tents

13 Mother’s Day Gifts That You Really Can’t Go Wrong With

1. See’s Chocolate

I don’t know many moms that don’t enjoy chocolate. I love chocolate. I definitely inherited that from my mom. She always had a Hershey bar stashed somewhere. I feel like growing up I was always surrounded by chocolate. But never sees chocolate! One time a friend of ours gifted us a box of see’s chocolate and I’ve been hooked ever since! Requesting these on all occasions! Especially the truffles! Their chocolate truffles are so sweet and perfect! Your mom will love them! Trust me!

2. A Deep Tissue Massage

What mom doesn’t need a little relaxing moment. A moment away from the noise and a moment of focus on just being. Body massages don’t just feel good, they are also full of healing powers. We mothers are go go go, it’s rare when we get time for ourselves and it’s rare when we use our time to do something for ourselves. It just doesn’t normally happen! Your mom is busy! Get your mom a massage, she’ll love it and she deserves it.

3. Mani And Pedi

Moms need pampering too! I don’t know a mom who doesn’t enjoy getting her nails done once in awhile. It’s more than just getting the nails done, it’s a whole experience if at the right place! Do your research and get her a gift certificate to a good one! Read the reviews! They can really help with eliminating the bad places. Maybe, you can go with her. She’ll love that!

4. Gift Cards To Her Favorite Places (there’s nothing wrong with gift cards)

There’s seems to be some notion that gift cards are thoughtless. Well, as you get older I think many appreciate gift cards more vs. getting something that’s just really is not your style or vibe. Find out your moms favorite shops and give her the gift to choose! Moms love getting out! And what better excuse than, I really need to go use this gift card that my loving child got me. Or you could take her shopping yourself! Have a moment like in The Sweetest Thing where they are just having a blast trying on all these different types of clothes!

5. A Staycation (planned ahead)

First of all, if you plan this for your mom she’ll probably cry. Who doesn’t love a little getaway! And with her family, oh my goodness. Great memories are priceless. Now this is something you’ll have to plan ahead. Make a note for next year if it’s too late and maybe get dad involved! This is a great one she will really love! But tell her in advance so she can shop!

6. A Dinner Night With The Girls

Here’s what I’m thinking, maybe get her a little box with some wine or her favorite drink, a pair of new heels, and a dress, and write a note saying for your next girls night. Or call up her friends and get the friends involved! Get creative! I’m sure they would love that! You can also find certificates for wine tastings, or painting classes, just something that she can do with her friends!

7. Candles

Candles are the best. And these make great gifts. I don’t think any mom can have too many yummy smelling candles. They are soothing and comforting. Candles can be kinda pricey too which is why they make great gifts. The candles by Heart And Hearth at Target are wonderful!

8. Bath And Body Works Goodies

You cannot go wrong here. Soaps, hand creams, more candles, body sprays, etc. And it all smells so yummy! This is a great place to find a Mother’s Day gift when you’re in a rush! They usually have great deals too like buy 3 get one free, which means you get a little gift out of this too! Love this place!

9. A Meaningful Piece Of Jewelry

There can be deep meanings behind jewelry. This is a beautiful gift to put some thought into. Does she wear rings? Necklaces? Bracelets? What is she really into? Is there something specific that makes you think of your mom that can be put on a piece of jewelry? Maybe you can get matching jewelry. You two will feel close even when you aren’t together.

10. Pajamas/Comfy Clothes

There is no limit on pajamas and comfy clothes. Your moms going to love this gift. And you can find cute pajamas and comfy clothes everywhere! Even Amazon has some really cute clothes!

11. Flower Pots

If your mom is into plants she’ll really appreciate this gift! Many times we gift people plants but no flower pot! Or maybe your moms plants are thriving and she needs to repot! This would be perfect! Or maybe you can get her a plant and transport it yourself to a super cute flower pot. Either way, plant/flower pots are great for the green thumb mama.

12. Something Homemade

Let your artistic side shine and make something for your mom! I guarantee she’ll treasure it forever! Homemade gifts are such loving gifts. It shows that you put your love and energy and focus into something just for her. How can you not feel special when you receive a homemade gift. You’re going to make her cry! Tears of happiness of course.

13. Your Time

The best gift that you can give her, is your time. Spend time with your mom. Give yourself to her for the day and just be present with her. Whether it’s snuggling up and watching movies, going for a walk, making cookies together. Your time is more valuable than anything. You are enough. And your mom loves you so much. Tell her how much you love her, hug her, and repeat. Moms never get tired of hearing I love you mom.

Thai Rice Noodle Soup With Red Curry

What You Need:

1 lb to 1 1/2 lbs of cooked chopped chicken breast or tenders (shrimp would be delish with this too)

click here for my cheat sheet on not overcooking your chicken

1 pack of rice noodles (usually a pack is 6.75 oz, but I only add 3/4 of the pack of rice noodles)

6 cups of chicken broth

3 tablespoons of red curry paste or green curry paste (I’ve tried this recipe with both)

1 red bell pepper chopped up

1 tablespoon of grated ginger (optional)

1/2 to 3/4 sweet onion chopped

4 cloves of garlic minced

1 can coconut milk unsweetened (not the fat free either)

3 teaspoons of light brown sugar give or take

1 tablespoon of fish sauce

Salt and pepper for taste

1 tablespoon of chopped cilantro plus more for garnish

A handful of freshly chopped basil (optional but recommend)

Thinly sliced green onion for garnish (optional)


1. Cook your chopped chicken on a nonstick skillet on low medium heat for 6 minutes, seasoning with salt and pepper. Set aside.

2. In a large pot drizzle 3 to 4 tablespoons of olive oil. Sauté the onion, bell pepper, and garlic until soft. Stir in the red curry paste and ginger if using for about 1 minute.

3. Add your chicken broth and coconut milk. Add the brown sugar and fish sauce. Seasoning with salt and pepper. Bring to boil, then to a low simmer for 10 minutes to allow the flavors to mix together.

4. Add 3/4 of your packed rice noodles to the pot and 1 tablespoon of chopped cilantro. Allow to cook for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and add your chicken. Mix well.

5. Serve immediately in bowls with fresh lime juice, chopped basil, sliced green onion, cilantro, and ENJOY!

Maple Cinnamon Apples Made In The Skillet

What You Need:

2-3 apples chopped (skin left on)

2 tablespoons of water

A few dashes of cinnamon

1-2 tablespoons of maple syrup

1 tablespoon of granola (optional)


1. Chop your apples and place in skillet with the 2 tablespoons of water. Place lid and allow to simmer on a medium low for 5 mins.

2. Add the butter, cinnamon, and maple syrup to the skillet and place the lid on the skillet and allow to simmer for an additional 5 minutes or until soft. Throw in some granola while hot and toss around (optional)

Top with ice cream or whip cream! Enjoy!