3 Ways To Spruce Up Your Home QUICK

Sometimes our homes need a quick little make-over.

1. Change The Paint Colors

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what a change of color can do to a room. Whether it’s a bedroom, the kitchen, a family room, even the garage, a different paint color can create a whole new tone and vibe. Picking paint can be difficult because there are so many shades of color to choose from. Often times the paint color on the sample color looks a lot different than when you actually paint the whole room. I would suggest bringing home a few different sample paint colors and painting them on your walls. The lighting in the room has a huge impact on how the color will appear. It’s better to sample a small area in my opinion than to paint a whole room only to realize you don’t really like the color. You may think it will grow on you, but from experience if you don’t like it then just change it right away and be done.

2. Change Out Your Light Fixtures

Changing the light fixtures or updating your ceiling fans adds a new element and fresh character. Light fixtures can easily become a focal point in your home. This is one of the easiest ways to update any room.

3. Add/Adding New Hardware To Cabinets

Changing out the hardware of your kitchen is one of the easiest and quickest fixes to giving your kitchen cabinets a more updated and elegant look. No need to spend a lot of money for a quick, refreshed kitchen. If you have the time and energy try painting the cabinets as well!

Happy home sprucing!

DIY Ripped Jeans – All You Need is Scissors, A Steak Knife, And Tweezers

First, I just want to say this is a super easy DIY. And I don’t know why but I felt it to be kind of soothing pulling out the jean threads.

I’m weird.

Anyways, I had a pair of black jeans with a little bit of white paint on them and because of that white paint they just became dormant in my drawer.

I have no idea what prompted me to pull them out and to decide to do something with them but here we are.

(I can be very impulsive. Sometimes I’ll decide I want bangs so I grab scissors and cut.)

I cut a big hole in the blacks jeans and thought, well, this looks stupid. I better YouTube this.

And I learned how to make your own ripped jeans! Honestly, it makes sense why they charge an arm and leg for ripped jeans when you buy them. It’s really easy but it’s a bit tedious.

Let this be your craft for the month!


Step 1: Identify where on your jeans you want to place holes or distressed marks.

(Tip: Try on yours pants, and mark with chalk if needed.)

Step 2: (for just a distressed look) Take your steak knife and run the steak knife side to side on parts of the waste, tops of the pockets, and a few random spots on your jeans.

Step 3: To achieve the “ripped look” take your scissors and cut horizontal lines where you want the holes to be. One horizontal line on top of another.

Step 4: (this is the soothing yet tedious part. Turn on some Netflix) take your tweezers and begin pulling the vertical jean threads out, so eventually all that will be left are the white threads in the middle.


It’s going to look cute!

Work it girl