13 Mother’s Day Gifts That You Really Can’t Go Wrong With

1. See’s Chocolate

I don’t know many moms that don’t enjoy chocolate. I love chocolate. I definitely inherited that from my mom. She always had a Hershey bar stashed somewhere. I feel like growing up I was always surrounded by chocolate. But never sees chocolate! One time a friend of ours gifted us a box of see’s chocolate and I’ve been hooked ever since! Requesting these on all occasions! Especially the truffles! Their chocolate truffles are so sweet and perfect! Your mom will love them! Trust me!

2. A Deep Tissue Massage

What mom doesn’t need a little relaxing moment. A moment away from the noise and a moment of focus on just being. Body massages don’t just feel good, they are also full of healing powers. We mothers are go go go, it’s rare when we get time for ourselves and it’s rare when we use our time to do something for ourselves. It just doesn’t normally happen! Your mom is busy! Get your mom a massage, she’ll love it and she deserves it.

3. Mani And Pedi

Moms need pampering too! I don’t know a mom who doesn’t enjoy getting her nails done once in awhile. It’s more than just getting the nails done, it’s a whole experience if at the right place! Do your research and get her a gift certificate to a good one! Read the reviews! They can really help with eliminating the bad places. Maybe, you can go with her. She’ll love that!

4. Gift Cards To Her Favorite Places (there’s nothing wrong with gift cards)

There’s seems to be some notion that gift cards are thoughtless. Well, as you get older I think many appreciate gift cards more vs. getting something that’s just really is not your style or vibe. Find out your moms favorite shops and give her the gift to choose! Moms love getting out! And what better excuse than, I really need to go use this gift card that my loving child got me. Or you could take her shopping yourself! Have a moment like in The Sweetest Thing where they are just having a blast trying on all these different types of clothes!

5. A Staycation (planned ahead)

First of all, if you plan this for your mom she’ll probably cry. Who doesn’t love a little getaway! And with her family, oh my goodness. Great memories are priceless. Now this is something you’ll have to plan ahead. Make a note for next year if it’s too late and maybe get dad involved! This is a great one she will really love! But tell her in advance so she can shop!

6. A Dinner Night With The Girls

Here’s what I’m thinking, maybe get her a little box with some wine or her favorite drink, a pair of new heels, and a dress, and write a note saying for your next girls night. Or call up her friends and get the friends involved! Get creative! I’m sure they would love that! You can also find certificates for wine tastings, or painting classes, just something that she can do with her friends!

7. Candles

Candles are the best. And these make great gifts. I don’t think any mom can have too many yummy smelling candles. They are soothing and comforting. Candles can be kinda pricey too which is why they make great gifts. The candles by Heart And Hearth at Target are wonderful!

8. Bath And Body Works Goodies

You cannot go wrong here. Soaps, hand creams, more candles, body sprays, etc. And it all smells so yummy! This is a great place to find a Mother’s Day gift when you’re in a rush! They usually have great deals too like buy 3 get one free, which means you get a little gift out of this too! Love this place!

9. A Meaningful Piece Of Jewelry

There can be deep meanings behind jewelry. This is a beautiful gift to put some thought into. Does she wear rings? Necklaces? Bracelets? What is she really into? Is there something specific that makes you think of your mom that can be put on a piece of jewelry? Maybe you can get matching jewelry. You two will feel close even when you aren’t together.

10. Pajamas/Comfy Clothes

There is no limit on pajamas and comfy clothes. Your moms going to love this gift. And you can find cute pajamas and comfy clothes everywhere! Even Amazon has some really cute clothes!

11. Flower Pots

If your mom is into plants she’ll really appreciate this gift! Many times we gift people plants but no flower pot! Or maybe your moms plants are thriving and she needs to repot! This would be perfect! Or maybe you can get her a plant and transport it yourself to a super cute flower pot. Either way, plant/flower pots are great for the green thumb mama.

12. Something Homemade

Let your artistic side shine and make something for your mom! I guarantee she’ll treasure it forever! Homemade gifts are such loving gifts. It shows that you put your love and energy and focus into something just for her. How can you not feel special when you receive a homemade gift. You’re going to make her cry! Tears of happiness of course.

13. Your Time

The best gift that you can give her, is your time. Spend time with your mom. Give yourself to her for the day and just be present with her. Whether it’s snuggling up and watching movies, going for a walk, making cookies together. Your time is more valuable than anything. You are enough. And your mom loves you so much. Tell her how much you love her, hug her, and repeat. Moms never get tired of hearing I love you mom.

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