It’s A Different World For A Female – 5 differences along with a positive outlook

Not too long ago I  had some type of weird pressure, heavy feeling, located on my C-section scar. So of course like most people I turned to google and found many other women who experienced the same sensation with their scar.

Some said they felt the pressure a couple of days before their menstrual cycle, some said it’s normal and never goes away, and a few said to get it checked out.

After reading a few responses I just sat there dumbfounded, and began to think about the hardships of being a women. Or, the inconveniences some may say.

I looked at my husband and said, “You know what, sometimes it’s hard being a woman.”

He kind of laughed at my random comment and said something a long lines of, “do you want to be a man then?”

When I said that to him I just started thinking about the difficulties of being female and then I thought about my daughters. I thought about what they will experience and what they will go through as they get older in life….I pray, I just pray.

I’m not complaining just so you know, I really enjoy being a woman. I believe there are many great upsides to being a female. Although, I can’t help but wonder if I was a guy for a year if I’d still enjoy being a female. I don’t know. But I do know that it’s different world for us.

And hey, men can argue it’s a different world for them too. Which in some ways it is I’m sure. I may do a google search on this later on a mans perspective. I’m a little intrigued now. 


I asked my nephews once if they would ever want to be female and they all responded with a strait up NO. I asked why and their response was “I don’t know”. One of them did say because I don’t want to give birth (hahah).

Lol yeah, I can understand the fear of that. However given birth I also know it’s an experience that can’t really be described.

But as I was saying it’s a completely different world for us if you ask me. To some it’s VERY DIFFERENT. Every woman has her own story.

Here are a just 5 reasons why I believe it’s different for us (Not saying there isn’t more but this what I came up with at the moment)

  1. We Are Constantly Judged And Compared

We are constantly judged on pretty much everything that we do, that most of the time we aren’t even ourselves. Pretty sad. We are competing with another person and in reality, they are competing with someone else. We are trying to be what others want or what we THINK they want.

We are judged on our appearance, what we wear, who are friends are, who are family is, what we say, what we do, etc. Believe it or not, this starts when we are children! Although we aren’t just judged by others, with all of this judging and comparing we begin to fall into this black hole that results in us comparing and judging ourselves. Where as we should always be loving ourselves. But unfortunately that’s not something that is really taught.

2. We Live In Some Type of Weird Comfortable Fear

We know we can’t walk the streets at night by ourselves, we know we can’t meet a new guy somewhere isolated, we prefer females doctors over males, we are careful not to expose too much, we hold our keys between our fingers or carry pepper spray when walking to our car at night, we know to be careful with our drinks at a party, and so on.

We know these things because we are aware of the possible outcomes if we don’t follow these ‘principles’. A little ridiculous to call these principles but we know if we follow these tips they will less likely lead us into harm.

We are seen as easy targets, vulnerable, weak…..and we have to be careful. Being female we know this is how it is and that we have to be completely cautious. Being alert just becomes a way of life.

3. We feel ALL THE FEELS aka We Welcome Our Emotions Differently

As a women I feel, we feel so deeply. We are so in tune with our emotions and expressing ourselves……that it’s exhausting. It almost feels like the rest of the world doesn’t understand. Except other women HA. We are incredibly sensitive creatures with so much to say. We are constantly thinking and just wanting to feel loved and appreciated. We are also incredibly empathetic which I feel takes a toll on us sometimes because we just feel the pain and suffering of others that it just resonates with us.

We are such emotional, and we are known for that. It just who we are. And sometimes, we just feel so much we don’t even know what to do with all these feelings.


Well, as I mentioned we are constantly judged on the way our bodies look. Boob size, butt size, flat tummy, blah blah blah……..a few things many women are insecure about.

I wonder why…

But its not just insecurity. Our bodies remind us once a month that we are women.

Cramps, PMS, tampons, pads, these cycles aren’t exactly convenient for us.

Remember I mentioned childbirth previously? It really is an amazing, indescribable experience. But pregnancy and birth do a number on your body.

The woman’s body is….something very unique and I feel it should be cherished more. No matter what it looks like or has gone through.

5. Half The Time, We Aren’t Taken Seriously

It’s when we use a certain tone or stance and THEN people stop what they are doing and listen or pay attention. But what’s so aggravating about that is we have to use that “certain tone” or whatever to get noticed or heard.

It’s ridiculous.

After a while we get sick of playing nice. We don’t want to do things the hard way or “mean way”, we don’t want to “unleash the beast’  but as a woman, its almost always this way if we want to make or see a change in something. It’s effing annoying.

So yes, this is why I feel it’s a different world for us, however let me share some positive sides to these differences. 

  1. Yes, we are always judged but when you learn to love yourself  as a women… is the most liberating and powerful thing. You become unstoppable and fearless.
  2. We do live in a world where we have to be cautious and careful but I also feel because of this we get to experience more acts of kindness which makes us even BETTER WOMEN. We get our doors opened for us, we get to go first, we receive help when needed, etc…….BECAUSE WE ARE WOMEN.
  3. We do feel so deeply, but I think most women will agree that feeling so deeply is such a privilege. Yeah, feeling hurt and heartache sucks. But feeling love and joy is so amazing. We give all of our heart to things that matter to us and love like no other. That is something very special about us.
  4. It’s pretty normal that we feel insecure about our bodies. But it’s when we finally learn to love this amazing tool that GOD gave us that we gain this type of confidence. And its a beautiful thing that nobody can ever take away.
  5. It is unfortunate to not be taken seriously when we “talk soft”, or to be taken seriously, THE FIRST TIME. However, we know when we need to roar the ground will shake. It scares people, and we love it. Sometimes we even scare ourselves with our own strength and that’s pretty amazing when that happens. We then become unstoppable.


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