I Think I Knew Better…

When you were five, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was five I wasn’t thinking about being a grown up.

I was thinking about cinnamon toast, swimming with friends, chasing the gingerbread man at school.

I don’t recall being eager to grow up. I feel like I was just living and having fun.

I had a huge brown cardboard box that stored all my Barbie’s. I had stencils of roses along my room. My mom was really into stencils. I had best friend named Katherine. And I kinda had a boyfriend, his name was Jerry. He was my first kiss! He shared his zebra gum with me.

Age 5 was so innocent. So fun. I don’t recall at that age wanting to be a grown up. I think I knew better. I think I knew I was living the real joy, just being a kid.

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