So Many Fruits, But I Can Only Pick 5

List your top 5 favorite fruits.

Hmmm…. what are my favorite fruits.

I love strawberries. They are fresh and delightful. Can make any dessert delicate and beautiful.

Mango. Yum. Especially a mango that has been shaped into a rose, jabbed with a wooden stick, and enjoyed on a sandy beach in Mexico.

Bananas. But only because I love cream cheese banana bread topped with brown sugar. Taste so good with my coffee.

You know what else I love, gold Kiwis. If you’ve never tried these you have to. My stepmom introduced them to me. I love the green ones as well, they have more of a tart flavor while the gold ones are sweet.

Cherries. A perfect summer snack.

Now these are the fruits that I enjoy eating. When it comes to candles and lotions and creams I actually prefer different fruity scent/flavors like coconut or passionfruit guava.

I love fruit.

Born To Love

What is your career plan?

Well, currently I am a stay at home mom. Which by the way is more work than one may think or know. If you know a stay at home mom or dad ask them, they’ll tell you.

I do envision myself going back to “work” one day. My priority for the moment is being as present as possible for my children.

But what I would like to do is teach yoga. More than just teach yoga, I want to teach women and young women how to love themselves. I want to help others heal and develop a stronger sense of spirituality.

As a women and as once a young women, I know how hard we are on ourselves. Insecurities can get the best of us. I want to reveal the magic that is in us all. I want the women who I teach to recognize how beautiful they are.

I want liberate and direct them to the guidance that is within themselves.

I would also love to have my own personal growth books out there one day. Reading and writing is incredibly powerful and life changing.

I want to change others in such a positive, impactful way the way others have unknowingly changed me with their words and messages.

Baby steps, I believe that.

Camping Is Where I Want To Be

Have you ever been camping?

This is a funny question to me. I can’t help but smirk. A flood of camping memories come to mind.

Have you ever been camping is like asking me do you drink water? What kind of question is this!

Camping has always been apart of my life. Since I was a kid! Camping with family in Alaska, girls camp in cabins, and does sleeping in your backyard count? Sure it does, why not!

But the love for camping especially grew when my husband and I began dating and through our early twenties. Not everyone has the camping streak in them but with us, we loved it. And we still do.

Him and I would camp in tents and sometimes in his Dads little beat up Van. One of our favorite places to camp is at a place called ‘Eagle Creek’ in Arizona. It’s like a hole in the wall, only a few know of this hidden oasis. Lush trees, beautiful rivers. No RVS, no bathrooms, no service, it’s strait camping over there. Incredibly peaceful and serene and just so much fun every time. My husband has been camping there since he was a kid and I feel so incredibly special that he shared this special place with me and now we share it with our children.

However we have amped our camping lifestyle since then. I guess we are kinda like “glampers” now. We have an RV that we love and it’s much easier to camp RV style when you have kids. We enjoy the luxury and comfort that comes with this home on wheels. It really has become a second home.

With the camper we camp at the lake, the beaches in Mexico, the sand dunes, and sometimes just in the Mountains behind our home.

So yes, I’ve been camping. And I love it.

RV Camping Mexico. Beach Front.
RV Camping At The Dunes
Eagle Creek
Lol younger days when we slept in tents

We Had Ferrets When I Was A Kid

What animals make the best/worst pets?

When I was younger, maybe around 11 or 12 years old we had ferrets. We had a total of 3. Buddy was the name of one of them, he was the favorite child. And the other two I can’t recall. One was albino with red eyes, and the other one I remember was just bully like behavior.

How ferrets came to be in our family, I have no idea. It was like growing up in a pet shop. And what I remember most about these little creatures that were indeed very cute by the way was their stench and their poop. It was horrific.

I am in my thirties and I can still see the images of ferret poop in my head! Pure mush. They were so smelly too! Why ferrets reek like, like, I don’t even know what to pin to their scent but it’s not pleasant.

Scattered newspaper in their cage and lots of poop scattered with it.

Not an animal I would recommend.

We Are All Unique

Which aspects do you think makes a person unique?

Makes a person unique?

Each one of us is a unique individual. We each possess a different story. Each of us are like a walking diary. Some of us have similar stories one could say, but like snowflakes, no two are alike.

To exist is to be unique.

To identify or better understand “the uniqueness” of individuals is to ask questions, listen, and not be afraid to get deep. The other person has to be willing to share and if they do consider that a treasure. The key is in our pocket. It’s up to us if we want to let others open us up.

When we are vulnerable and willing to expose ourselves that is when others can see how unique and special we really are. Although we should know in our hearts that we each are unique. Validation is not necessary.

Each of us a walking mystery. And each of us have readers that want answers. They want to celebrate the uniqueness that we are.

You, reader, are unique. I don’t even know you. But I know that you are one of kind. I know that you have purpose.

I hope you know that too.

I Think I Knew Better…

When you were five, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was five I wasn’t thinking about being a grown up.

I was thinking about cinnamon toast, swimming with friends, chasing the gingerbread man at school.

I don’t recall being eager to grow up. I feel like I was just living and having fun.

I had a huge brown cardboard box that stored all my Barbie’s. I had stencils of roses along my room. My mom was really into stencils. I had best friend named Katherine. And I kinda had a boyfriend, his name was Jerry. He was my first kiss! He shared his zebra gum with me.

Age 5 was so innocent. So fun. I don’t recall at that age wanting to be a grown up. I think I knew better. I think I knew I was living the real joy, just being a kid.