So Many Fruits, But I Can Only Pick 5

List your top 5 favorite fruits.

Hmmm…. what are my favorite fruits.

I love strawberries. They are fresh and delightful. Can make any dessert delicate and beautiful.

Mango. Yum. Especially a mango that has been shaped into a rose, jabbed with a wooden stick, and enjoyed on a sandy beach in Mexico.

Bananas. But only because I love cream cheese banana bread topped with brown sugar. Taste so good with my coffee.

You know what else I love, gold Kiwis. If you’ve never tried these you have to. My stepmom introduced them to me. I love the green ones as well, they have more of a tart flavor while the gold ones are sweet.

Cherries. A perfect summer snack.

Now these are the fruits that I enjoy eating. When it comes to candles and lotions and creams I actually prefer different fruity scent/flavors like coconut or passionfruit guava.

I love fruit.

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