Berry Chocolate Pancake Tacos

I loveeeeee breakfast/brunch time. Bacon, hash browns, fried potatoes, eggs, biscuits and gravy, French toast, waffles, ahh I love it all! It’s so good!

It’s definitely my favorite meal of the day. I will pick breakfast over dinner anytime! Especially when catching up with an old friend.

Usually I pick something sweet over savory or I like to mix it up into the perfect combo to satisfy both cravings.

We love pancakes in this household. Usually we stick with the basic butter and syrup but this time I decided to mix it up and add our favorite chocolate spread.

It was a hit! And way to easy to create. With a side of bacon or sausage you’ll be sure to impress your family or friends.

Berry Chocolate Pancakes Tacos

What you need:

  • A pancake recipe (No time to make from scratch, no problem! For easy quick pancakes I suggest hungry jack buttermilk pancakes in a box)
  • Chocolate Spread (our favorite is Nutella)
  • Fresh Berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, or raspberries) 


-prepare pancakes as directed (careful not to pour too much batter, you want small/medium size pancakes) 

Once pancakes are complete scoop a generous size of chocolate spread with a spoon into each pancake

– Top with Fresh Berries

Sprinkle powder sugar on for a finishing touch or whip cream (optional)

That’s it!

Enjoy Friends!!

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