We Had Ferrets When I Was A Kid

What animals make the best/worst pets?

When I was younger, maybe around 11 or 12 years old we had ferrets. We had a total of 3. Buddy was the name of one of them, he was the favorite child. And the other two I can’t recall. One was albino with red eyes, and the other one I remember was just bully like behavior.

How ferrets came to be in our family, I have no idea. It was like growing up in a pet shop. And what I remember most about these little creatures that were indeed very cute by the way was their stench and their poop. It was horrific.

I am in my thirties and I can still see the images of ferret poop in my head! Pure mush. They were so smelly too! Why ferrets reek like, like, I don’t even know what to pin to their scent but it’s not pleasant.

Scattered newspaper in their cage and lots of poop scattered with it.

Not an animal I would recommend.

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