My Daughter Got Splinters In Her Foot And I Discovered A Spiritual Lesson In The Incident

You’ve probably heard someone say once or twice before, God is good. And how would you define that phrase?

I feel like I’ve had some type of revelation and I’m excited to share it. God is good.

In the past whenever I would hear that phrase I would repeat to myself, God is good. But then think, what does that even really mean?

How do we interpret that? Well for one, we can look around at nature and be astonished.

Like, are you aware of what an octopus can do! It’s pretty spectacular. That in itself points to an incredible creator.

But God also reveals his work and skills in tribals and in times of distraught.

Let me share a little story that just took place a couple of days ago. A story of my daughter getting some deep splinters and what unraveled into a spiritual lesson.

At our house we have a little wood deck that my husband actually made. Picture a yard of turf, then you can two steps onto this wood deck that bridges to a giant sand pit.

Our daughters have so much fun in our backyard. Tons of laughing and imagination. My husband and myself always say how much we love just watching our children play. It’s truly a blessing.

Well one late afternoon the girls and I had just got back from picking up a half pepperoni and half cheese pizza. The girls raced to the trampoline to play with the puppies that we just recently got (2 border collie pups, too cute. But they chew on everything!) I shouted to come inside to eat and then………

Then, I hear screaming. I look out the window and my 3 year old is sitting on the wood deck, head down, crying hysterically. Echoing through out the neighborhood. My other daughter is shouting, “‘mom! She has a splinter!” I knew it was bad. This wasn’t the first time that this type of situation has happened.

I had just sat down too and taken two bites out of my pizza. I thought of course, this is parent life. I walk over to the deck nonchalantly (I’ve learned it’s best to not react too much when they’re in distress. Makes it way worse) and look at her foot. I see it and think, shit.

There’s 2 splinters that are deep in her foot. These won’t be easy to pull out with just tweezers, she’s going to need “surgery”. I call my husband and tell him what happened. Luckily he was already on his way home from work. He tells me to soak her foot in water. I take her to the bathtub.

That was a struggle as you can imagine with a 3 year old. Although it quickly became a party in the bathroom. Her sisters were there fully supporting her. One is feeding her pizza while the other is making her laugh with silly gestures. Her foot is soaking in the water, she’s got a lollipop in her hand, a “bravery” light up watch/bracelet, and her unicorn baby doll. At this point she’s calmed down a little.

Then dad gets home.

She begins to cry hysterically all over again which I totally understand. It’s like when someone asks, “are you okay?” when you’re totally not and you begin to uncontrollably cry. We’ve all been there right?

My husband looks at her foot and with no hesitation but complete confidence says, “I can get those out.” In my head I’m thinking, ummm are you sure, did ya see her foot, and I even suggest urgent care. I reiterate that they are deep and I don’t know if he can do it. My confidence in him is slim.

He says, we’ll wait till she’s asleep. Or we can leave it and let her body reject it. I wasn’t for the latter, I wanted those wood pieces out of her tiny little foot. Splinters can be painful! We all know this.

She quickly falls asleep, I’m sure to the exhaustion of crying. My husband gets all prepped up for “surgery”. I say that with a sense of humor. Our daughter rests on our bed. I give him his space while checking periodically on the both of them.

In this inconvenient moment I think about how amazing my husband is and I think about what a great dad he is too. This is when God comes to mind and the spiritual message enters.

In this moment my husband revealed to me once again what he’s capable of. I saw him in a different light caring for our daughter, coming to her rescue, and even our other daughters took notice watching their daddy take care of their baby sister. As one of my daughters watches from afar she says, “Daddy’s my hero”.

I believe God works and reveals Himself in similar ways. How would we know how great God was if it wasn’t for the hard times. How could God show us what He’s actually capable of doing if it weren’t for those muddy waters that we get caught in? It’s in these times of fear and pain and discomfort that God steps in and says, “I got you, wait till you see how I’m going to heal you and make this better again.”

Do we trust God? Let’s be honest, not always. Like my 3 year old daughter with splinters in her foot, instead of surrendering her foot and letting us help her she held her foot close to her and kept it restricted. We had to wait till she was asleep before we could even touch it!

It’s these moments, which can be unbearable moments that actually bring us closer to God. He reveals different sides that we never knew. We learn more of Gods capabilities, powers, and healing through these moments.

My daughter getting those splinters sucked. But because of those stubborn/painful splinters I got to witness my husband caring for our daughter. So gently he took those out of her foot without her barley even noticing. My daughters watching from afar developed a new level of trust in their Daddy.

I do believe God works like this. And you know what? Yeah, God IS good. He takes unfortunate events and uses them to bring us closer to Him. God reveals that He can remove “splinters” and more. He can make those pains better. And sometimes like my 3 year old, we don’t surrender to Him. But it doesn’t even matter. He’s going to take care of us anyway.

If you want to recognize how God has been good in your life think for a moment of some difficult times. And think about the good that came from those times.

Read between the lines of your life and you’ll see and you’ll know how present God is.

Would love to hear how God has worked in your life or would love to hear a simple moment turned spiritual.

The splinters
The culprits.
When he pulled the first one out.

Thank you for reading! 🙂

Beautiful Bouquets Of Flowers With Quotes To Inspire You

Sometimes we just need a little encouragement and inspiration, and flowers are full of both.

Flowers Need Time To Bloom. So Do You. – unknown
You’ll grow beautifully in your own way. – unknown
May flowers remind us why the rain was so necessary. – Xan Oku
She may lose a few petals, but it doesn’t make her any less of a flower. – Alicia N Green
Deep in your wounds are seeds, waiting to grow beautiful flowers. – Niti Mejethia
A flower blossoms for its own joy. – Oscar Wilde
Happiness is to hold flowers in both hands. – A Japanese Proverb
When a flower doesn’t bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower. – Alexander Den Heijer
Your mind is a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow the flowers or you can grow the weeds. – unknown
Where flowers bloom, so does hope. – Lady Bird Johnson
The Flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all. – Walt Disney
A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms. – unknown
May the petals teach me the art of letting go. – Xan Oku

Have a wonderful day, and buy yourself some flowers.

Xo m.g.

2022 End Of Year Reflections With The Gems

Worksheet Credit: Bohobeautifullife

Yesterday morning we sat down at the dining table that is covered in scratches and memories with a black and white notepad and a blue R.S.V.P. pen and we discussed and wrote down our reflections for the year. I was originally going to do this personally but then I thought it would be super fun and interesting to listen to my daughters answers on these specific questions. I also felt it would be some overall good bonding time.

It was an opportunity to really recognize our accomplishments and things that we each want to work on.

It was very humorous listening to their responses. They each listened to each other and we giggled about things that we actually forgot until we were encouraged to remember. Now that we have finished our reflections I think we’ll look at some photos from this year and begin our 2023 visions.

love from TheWildGems

My Bestie Had A DISNEY Themed Bachelorette! Check Out The Pictures For Inspiration

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Oh my goodness where to begin!

This was an incredible/magical bachelorette! We left on a Thursday morning and arrived back on a Sunday evening. A total of 4 days.

(Some of us have kids so this was a real treat! Can you imagine!)

5 of us girls piled into an SUV driven by the brides amazing parents and we were off! One of us was smart and flew. We met up with her when we arrived in Cali. So, it was a total of six of us including the bride!

Once we arrived to our air bnb that our bride arranged in which we all chipped in we were out as fast as we were in. The maid of honor (the brides sister) and her parents stayed back to create the bachelorette vibe and they new the assignment!

While we anxiously waited for the air bnb to be transformed to bachelorette shenanigans we stopped at a dive bar that smelled like weed and had non stop murder stories on the TV lol, I’m not even kidding! Definitely unforgettable. Beer and a few shots and it was time to get the party started.

Once we received permission to head back to the air bnb we came back to a party waiting for us! There’s pictures below!

The first night we headed to dinner for cocktails, sushi, chow mein, and teriyaki chicken. We ordered so much food lol. We were also so hungry!

After dinner we headed back to the air bnb, got into our matching pj’s and began some games followed by tons of laughter and spontaneous dance moves. It was a blast!

Here was our full itinerary that was created by the party planning maid of honor!

Weekend Events


Once we arrived to a decked out Airbnb we each had a customized welcome bag waiting for us filled with all sorts of goodies! Matching pj’s, a hangover kit, a personalized shot glass, a bridesmaid sash, and champagne to just name a few!

We had a late diner and our server had such a familiar face, you had to be there.

But check us out! A Bunch of beauties!

At The Restaurant in the bathroom lol
We all wore black while our beauty queen wore white!
At the air bnb 🙂 right before we left.
Our beautiful bride! Xoxo
Lemon Drop Martini, personally my fav!

Once we finished dinner we headed back to get into our jammies and play some games! Spoons and kings cup were just a few!

Bride Squad!


We enjoyed a nice breakfast where we wore black leggings and a pink ‘bride squad’ shirt with rose gold Mickey ears while our beautiful bride wore black leggings, a white bride shirt and Disney Bride Mickey Mouse ears. Our first day was spent at Disney California Adventures and we had such a great time! How cute do we look! The maid of honor planned our adorable outfits!

We lost count how many times someone told our bride “congratulations!” A lot of people loved this look!
Oh, we also had matching heart shaped sunglasses!!


The maid of honor surprised us with Minnie Mimosas and pastries in the morning. After breakfast we got some coffee at coffee bean and headed to the most magical place on earth! Disneyland! The bridesmaids wore ripped jeans, a black top, matching sashes, and red and black Minnie Mouse ears. While our gorgeous bride wore jeans, a white bride shirt and her bride to be Disney ears.

The photographer took some really cute pictures! Another photographer at Disneyland even grabbed her hand and took us to take some magical pictures in front of the castle! Just for us!

Kisses for the bride to be. Mwah!
Note to self: if you throw up your ring finger Disney will think it’s your middle finger and blur it!

There you have it! The amazing Disney bachelorette party in a nutshell!

However there was so much more that happened and so many inside jokes that were born lol.

It was an unforgettable trip with the best girl gang! Check out some more pics!

More Pictures From The Bachelorette! Check it out!

A backdrop where we took lots of pictures and dance videos!
The brides room with a giant inflatable diamond ring.
The maid of honor gifted us each a “Bach Bucket” full of goodies!
We also each received a customized bag full of MORE goodies! Matching pajamas, an itinerary, a hangover kit, and more! We were spoiled!
Disney cake pops were also waiting for us! They were so yummy!
Our surprise breakfast put together by the maid of honor with help from the brides parents. (Coolest parents ever right!)
Mimosa ready with customized name tags!
The cutest, I know.
Would recommend a Polaroid camera! Most definitely!
There’s our itinerary that the maid of honor made for us!
Definitely wifey of the party! All about those little details!

Pictures To Take At Disney And MUST HAVES For The Bride

Look at that ring! Just stunning! The Disney photographer is who suggested this pose! And we love it!
They wouldn’t let her hold the balloons but the pics still came out so cute!
Others saw her doing taking these pictures and then they wanted to do the same! So fun right and so beautiful!
It’s those little details! Our Bride even had the cutest wedding themed Disney backpack!
A princess about to marry her prince. *sigh* who doesn’t love LOVE!

Welp! There you have it!! 🙂 If you’re having a bachelorette in Disneyland or planning one, good luck and have tons of fun! You won’t regret it!


– m.g.

Me with the Bride ❤ love you!